Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Yesterday I was teaching a patron how to use photo editing software and I'd just finished illustrating the way to crop a picture, by drawing a box around the area to keep and clicking to crop to the selection.

She very innocently looked at me and asked, "So, where does the rest of the photo go when you crop it?"

I blinked. I waited for her to rephrase the question. She continued looking at me in awe. She meant exactly what she said.

I said, "To heaven," and then I laughed to let her know I was joking, because she believed me for a moment.

When I later related the story to my coworkers, one said, "It goes to Milwaukee."

Another countered that no, when you get rid of it and don't want it, "It goes to Detroit."

Finally, my favorite answer came from another coworker who reacted to the first two responses by saying, "No way! It's a crop. It goes to Iowa."

Thus, I have my answer for next time.