Sunday, July 3, 2011

The End

Well, as you can clearly tell, I don't have much to say here at this blog anymore. Since my job has censored me and I'm not allowed to talk about that anymore, I find myself truly struggling for post-worthy inspiration. I could tell you all about my crazy adventures, like for instance I'm leaving today to spend 8 days in the Boundary Waters, hoping for moose, wolf and loon spottings, as well as my first adult fishing experience, which needs to go well because we don't want to starve. Or I could tell you about my lame attempt at farming my own food. Or any of the other silliness that comprises my existence. However, these things are beter relegated to Facebook statuses and not posts on a blog I don't even feel connected with anymore.

If you'd like to hook up with me through Facebook, send me an email and we can do that. Otherwise, I'd like to say thank you to all my loyal readers for years and years and years of support and shared frustration.

I know this post is a poor excuse for a closing, but it's the epitome of my ambivalance toward the whole matter these days. Perhaps one day I'll revive it. Perhaps I'll begin writing somewhere else. Or perhaps it's a completed chapter in my life.

I love you all and thank you again for all the ways you made me feel like part of a bigger community of understanding, shared misery, and mostly a common interest in sarcasm and poking fun at the things that threaten to make us nuts. Without the warped sense of humor I think we all have in varying degrees, life would be so much heavier, so much less fun, and the insanity we all deal with everyday would begin to overtake us. So keep it up, don't stop laughing, find humor where it seems there isn't any, know you're not alone, and don't let the Black Holes get you down too much.

If I don't hear from you, have a wonderful life, thanks for joining me on this wild ride, and I wish for you all the best in the world.