Friday, March 4, 2011

The Name Game

Sometimes working in the reference department has its downfalls, such as I no longer know all my patrons' names.

However, we have come up with some odd nicknames for our patrons in the absence of knowing their actual names, or in the apathy of wanting to use them.

Some of our patrons' nicknames are as follows:

(he talks to the books, among other things)

Train Scanner (he takes Briana's train and he likes to scan his own card when checking items out, whether you're ready for him to do so or not)

Worse Than Betty (seriously, RUN!)

Pajama Lady (the days when she wears flannels and slippers are good, but often it's a low-cut nightgown and slippers... gag)

Best Buy Guy (wants us to be Best Buy for him)

Creepy Craigslist Guy (CL troll, watch out)

80s Hair Lady (frizzy, crispy, crunchy perm, THICK black eyeliner, and makes Tammy Faye look au naturale)

Slacker (tall, anorexic-looking blonde guy with an ill-fitting and dingy wardrobe)

Slacker's Mom (his mom, duh)

The B.O. Lady (you smell her before you see her)

Handyman (uses his hands in his lap while surfing porn)

Tin Foil Hat Guy (now banned, was totally off his meds)

Serial Killer (odd, lumbering, special guy who leers and frightens people)

These are some of our regulars. Do you make up names for your patrons/customers too?