Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a Family!

Have you ever known something about someone else that they didn't know you know, and it made you proud of them, but since you're not supposed to know, you can't tell them?

Anyway, my brother is a very talented artist, and he mentioned that he has a DeviantArt account where he posts his stuff, but he never gave me the link. Curiosity got the best of me and I went hunting for him. After hours of sifting through the ba-jillions of stuff on the site, I found him thanks to pictures he included that I took of what he did to Doggie Extraordinaire recently, with the T-shirt.

He's good. I'm telling you, he's got some talent. Not only is he the kind of person who reads books about mathematical theories (for fun!!), and scientific discoveries, the history of mankind, religious theories, and anything else the average person wants to have nothing to do with, he is also the biggest movie buff I've ever known. He can tell you about directors and actors you've never heard of, and all the weird movies they've made, and all this stuff is stored up there in his head somewhere, which isn't even accessible by the general public because he hardly talks to anyone outside our house. And he fucking draws like nothing I've ever seen up close before! He's a complicated person who some days I don't begin to understand and some days I recognize more of myself in him than anyone else on earth. He cracks me up, he makes me think, he infuriates me, and mostly, he makes me wish I knew how to help him be a happier, more confident person. Siblings are strange creatures. Particularly because I've never said any of that to him.

So, the other day we were having a conversation about him seeing Sweeney Todd for the first time, and how much he loved it, but I never thought he'd draw it. I guess he's inspired by things I'm not even aware of.

You've gotta see this:

You Shall Drip Rubies

He has other great drawings, but this one hit me hard.

Don't tell him I posted this. We're not the kind of siblings who gush emotions to one another. But I gush on the inside.

There are tons of people walking around everyday without an ounce of talent in them, and they succeed all over, brag about their accomplishments, pretend to be a misunderstood artist, and really don't have a fraction of the skill and passion for anything that he does, sitting in his room, reading about where the universe got its start, drawing pictures of people and situations that are as complex as he is. He gets stuff that the rest of the world walks by and doesn't even stop to think about. In that way I think he and I are similar. I take pictures and he draws, but we both look deeper at things other people don't even acknowledge and we're affected by them.

I flatter myself by saying we're similar. I may be the more productive and successful of us, but he has far more talent and intelligence than I will ever have. Maybe one day I'll be able to tell him.


Anonymous said...

You should tell him now. I know it's hard, but he needs to hear it and you need to say it. Not to be morbid, but one of you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and then he would never know.

Travelin' Tracy said...

I agree with the anonymous commenter above...however, I think secretly he wanted you to know about his work, because he obviously mentioned that he had artwork available...sometimes we need to hear from those that are closest to us so that we build up the confidence. I should probably do the same with my brother!

Kate P said...

Great work. I miss doing that kind of stuff and I really admire people's ability to focus and--like you said--see more deeply into things. The "Rendezvous" one is also stunning. Outside of the obvious manga references I also think of Aubrey Beardsley and the intricate drawings he did.

It can be hard for artists to talk about their work and hear people talk about/compliment them on it, although for me, works in progress were harder to show. I'm like that with my writing. But I wouldn't be surprised given how you both "look deeper" at things that he already knows and appreciates how you feel about him.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece of art--what talent!

Happy Villain said...

Thanks for the advice. Actually, I'm thinking you might be a new reader of this blog if you thought to point out that life can end any second. My brother and I recently lost our father, and last month our mom tried to kill herself. She was in the hospital for three days before she was out of the woods and woke up, so neither of us needs to be reminded that life is fleeting. Trust me. And no, I'm not going to run over and tell him. I'll tell him in my own time. Besides, I think he knows.

You're right, I think he wanted to share it with me. He was recommending the site because he was encouraging me to open my own account, to sell my photos, which was a compliment as well. We pay sideways compliments to one another all the time. And we don't even argue anymore. We've evolved into this bizarre understanding and acceptance of one another, and it's actually kind of comfortable.

Yeah, I loved the Rendezvous picture too! Every time I take him to buy more paper at the store, I get excited and check his site multiple times a day. He is like you and doesn't like anyone to see his work in progress. He hides his stuff if you go near his room when he's working. It's cute. And yeah, I think he knows, too. Thanks.

I agree! :)

Anonymous said...

Not a new reader.

Happy Villain said...

Okay, well, thanks for your concern and advice. I appreciate it.

Rachel said...

You should get a deviantart account! :D It's a really great way to post your wonderful pictures!

And your brother is definately a very good artist ^.^