Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Opportune Opposum

I just had to share this story because, to me, it’s heartwarming. To you, probably not so much.

You may recall the story of Boyfriend Extraordinaire’s patio-dwelling pets, Possum Schwee, and Baby Possum Schwee. It proved to be a bit of a controversial post, but frankly, I don’t give a shit what people think about the possum situation, and look forward to daily possum updates.

Not all that long ago, Possum Schwee started spending more time away from the patio, and lately hasn’t been seen around. (The photos below were taken by Boyfriend Extraordinaire, while Possum Schwee was still living on the patio with Baby Possum Schwee.) We assumed s/he moved on to a new home, while Baby Possum Schwee continued living on B.E.’s patio, sharing the space with Kitty Schwee. Apparently, cats and possums get along in the wild, so those of you who were concerned about the possum hurting the cat, rest assured that they are both happy hanging out together.

About a month ago, Kitty Schwee’s owner, the man next door to B.E., reported one of the funniest updates so far about the Possum & Kitty Schwee adventures. Evidently this foolish man not only lets his housecat out all day long, where Kitty Schwee becomes so flea-bitten that he gets sick and sometimes has to be hospitalized for his anemic condition, but this man still leaves his back door open (not unlocked, but open) so that Kitty Schwee can come and go as he pleases. He’s a real winner.

Leaving the back door open hadn’t posed a problem before, but one night the man heard noises in his kitchen, and thinking it was Kitty Schwee, wandered in to see what his cat was up to. What he found instead was a disaster. The big bag of dry cat food was broken into, leaving cat food all over the kitchen counter, floor, etc. On top of the microwave sat Baby Possum Schwee, munching away on the mess of cat food he’d spread about the room.

What a dream come true for little Baby Possum Schwee, right? I mean, the house probably smelled like his buddy, Kitty Schwee, and maybe Kitty Schwee even led him into the treasure trove of free food. Who knows? But what a huge jackpot for a little, hungry possum! Yummy food, more than he could eat by himself, free for the taking!

The man totally wigged out. He didn’t want to hurt the possum, but he was terrified of this toothy rodent being in his house, so he did one of the few smart things I’ve ever heard of him doing, and he trapped Baby Possum Schwee by putting an empty garbage can on top of him, securing the little guy on top of the microwave. It was late that night and the man decided to go to sleep and figure out what to do with the possum in the morning.

The next day, the man slid a plate under the garbage can, as he scooted it off the top of the microwave, and Baby Possum Schwee just kind of went along with the weird adventure. Somehow he flipped the garbage can over and secured a lid over top, then drove Baby Possum Schwee a few miles away to a field, where he hoped Baby Possum Schwee would live a long and happy life, away from all the free food he kept unsecured in his open kitchen.

It was a bittersweet story to us because while I would miss Baby Possum Schwee tremendously, Boyfriend Extraordinaire was a bit relieved not to have to worry about neighbors complaining to his landlord about the possum living on his patio. And, Baby Possum Schwee would likely be living in an environment more suited to a possum.

So, the man actually did a good thing, much as I hate to admit it.

Then, last night Boyfriend Extraordinaire discovered something surprising: Baby Possum Schwee is back living on his patio again!

I cannot deny that I’m a bit ecstatic to know that he’s back. I so look forward to Baby Possum Schwee stories, and I think Boyfriend Extraordinaire realizes that this possum is not a threat in any way. They are not aggressive animals, despite their show of fangs.

That's a yawn.

I just cannot get enough of how cool their little hands are. They have opposable thumbs and their fingers/toes are all spread out, like a human hand. How cute is that?! They also have these wild whiskers that stick out of their face all over the place. It’s fabulous! And add to that the fact that Baby Possum Schwee is a marsupial – just knowing he’s got a little pocket on his belly tickles me.

I want a baby possum!

I <3 Baby Possum Schwee!


Cat. said...

They are adorable as young'uns, I'll give you that. I'm giggling a little at Mom constantly sniffing Baby's butt: "DUDE! Did you WASH last night? When did you shower? Are you using proper bathroom etiquette?? Cuz...DAMN!" :-D

Jane in Edmonton said...

They are so charming! I love opossums and also raccoons, but they're easy to love when you don't have them around being destructive. They don't live in my neck of the woods. Mind you, there are no rats here either, and I don't think rats are cute and funny.

Leelu said...

*squeals* Possum love!

The Imaginary Reviewer said...

They are gorgeous! I don't think I've seen a real possum before. I must live a sheltered life. We get raccoons here in Toronto, and our neighbours feed them. Daft, if you ask me.

Happy Villain said...

FINALLY! People who agree with me! Is it the baby pics? Is it the cute Mickey-Mouse round ears? Is it the hilarious pink fingers and black hands that make them look like they're wearing driving gloves? Is it the pink nose? Or does it have to do with the fact that they eat the very creatures that are the actual pests, that they almost never have rabies and stray cats carry and spread more serious diseases, or is it that they are a valuable member of the food chain? Why doesn't every love possums?

<3 <3 <3 possums!