Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For the past few months, Marina and I have been making jewelry to keep ourselves busy and we have gotten to a point where we have spent so much money on supplies, and made so many items that it's time to part with much of them. Personally, I have made over 200 pairs of earrings, and with only two ears on my own body, it just doesn't make sense to continue making myself more earrings. My unfortunate friends have been the recipients of countless pairs of earrings for all occasions and I fear that they too have reached a point where my gifts start to seem like I'm unloading more of my excessive wares on them. So, before Marina reaches the desperate point I'm at, she had a brilliant idea: she was going to sell hers on Etsy.

Marina's Etsy shop is called ThunderCrafts, and it's 100% Thor approved. (Go ahead and try to prove that it isn't.)

She makes chainmaille earrings with and without beads, as well as some matching necklaces, like the ones below.

They're really cute and the prices are far cheaper than they should be, because, like I said, we're both in need of unloading.

She's trying to talk me into opening an Etsy shop, but now that I've returned from my vacation I'm going to be working on my travel blog and tabblo pages to get my pictures up. Perhaps I'll do the Etsy shop in a week or two. Until then, go check out Marina's shop and enjoy the handiwork of an artisan who's been blessed by the God of Thunder himself!

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Magnoire La CHouette said...

Too bad I have a severe metal allergy and can never get my ears pierced again but I like Marina's work.
I'll pass it along to some of my lists...
I make jewelry too but I do seedbead weaving..