Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mostly Cloudy

So I don't keep cluttering up this nice, clean, pussy-free blog, Cloudy's addition to our lives has been documented at Doggie Extraordinaire's blog if you're interested.

And to Marina, Christi, Mario, and all the other folks who were trying so hard to help me find a home for her, only for my brother to say he can't let her go now, I thank you and apologize, but assure you that no one on earth could possibly love her more. My brother is head over heels in love, and he follows her around the house giggling at every little thing she does. It's beyond worship. It's getting scary.

Doggie Extraordinaire, on the other hand, is trying so hard to pretend like she doesn't exist, and that has to be driving him nuts. He will turn his back on Cloudy and refuse to look at her, as if he's thinking that if he can't see her, she can't possibly exist. They can't be left alone, and someone always has to be poised to tackle him if she's in the same room, but we're working on it and making progress. It is turning him into a very needy dog, though. He doesn't just want to sit on my lap all the time; he wants to burrow into me. This explains many of the bruises all over my body. Poor guy is so insecure.

Cloudy says thanks for all the comments of support and compliments on her cuteness.


Dragon Reads said...

Could this be any cooler?
Stray has a name--Cloudy.
No more dead birds.
Doggie Extraordinaire is making room.
Your bro turns out to be a closet cat-lover.
Is Cloudy, uh-hem, fixed? There's a great resource at
I took my latest mutt there a few months ago, the care was excellent, and they even called the next day to see how he was doing.
I feel all warm and fuzzy now.

Rachel said...

That's a great thing for your brother! Everyone needs someone they can love, whether it's a kitty, puppy, or human ^.^
I'm sure Cloudy loves your brother as much as he loves her!