Monday, June 8, 2009

How Did We Survive This Video?

I don't ask you to watch all that many videos, but I'm asking now. My love of Lummox's misheard lyrics should reveal why I find this video so hilarious, and I hope you do too. Man, what were we thinking in the 80s?!


Lummox said...

Mullet with headliiiiights.
LMAO! I've seen another one of these done to Ah-ha's "Take on me."
( ) They call them literal versions, I think. :D

BeckEye said...

Just saw this the other day. It's pretty funny until they start jibber jabbering during the instrumental part.

Oh, my word ver is troutpro! I bet I could give the Bassmaster a run for his money!

Leelu said...

Oh, man. Now I understand the BPT "mullet with headlights" I got the other day!

Yes, do check out the literal version of Take on Me, as well as Hurrah Torpedo's version of Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Happy Villain said...

Hey, I recognize that avatar!! I have to say, "Take On Me" was cute, but not nearly as funny as mullet with headliiiiights. Or, Arthur Fonzarelli's got an army of clones! But particularly, The gayest man on earth would call this over the top! I think I have a new hobby - watching literal versions. Until your next misheard lyrics video is done. :) Looking forward to it. What's it called again? Alley-oop? Olly's poop? I hate Caillou? I forget.

Yeah, when they were talking on their own, I was just irritated, but the rest cracked me up. I mean, Spinning round, Niiiiijas - that about made me pee my pants.

Someone said that to you? I wonder who that could be. Oh, you know, my brother sent me the link to this and when I saw the song title, I totally thought it was going to be the Hurrah Torpedo one. Lucky for him, I shared that one with him in return. Funny, he hasn't spoken to me since. Hmmpf.

Leelu said...