Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm Not Crazy

Yesterday Christi came to my office to welcome me back to work and catch me up on all the work gossip, bless her soul.

At one point she was telling me about something that happened on Monday, when Sergeant was the security guard who was supposed to be protecting us, and I asked her what Sergeant’s reaction was. Quickly, I laughed and answered my own question, knowing him fairly well.

Me: He did nothing, right? Like he didn’t think it was a big deal, I’ll bet.

Christi: Well, he wasn’t in yet when it happened, but when I told him about it later, he gave me that look he gives me all the time. The one that says I’m totally crazy.

Me: NO! He gives you that look too?! He’s always giving me that look and I grab the nearest office supply and threaten to bean him with it.

Christi: I know! One of these days I’m going to reach across the desk and grab him by the collar and start shaking him. You think this is crazy? Boy, you haven’t SEEN crazy yet! I’ll SHOW you crazy!

I got up and waved my hands wildly over my head, pacing back and forth.

Me: I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy!

Christi put both fists around the stalk of the strange tree-like plant in our office and started shaking it violently like she was strangling it.

Christi: Don’t look at me like I’m crazy! I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy!

The sight of Christi strangling the tree, telling it not to look at her like she’s crazy, nearly made me pee my pants.

When we finally recovered from our laughing fit, I adoringly said, “OHMYGOD, I missed you SO MUCH!”

I could never work in a normal environment with normal hours and normal coworkers. Those are jobs I wouldn’t return to after a vacation. I have a job I look forward to returning to, and it’s nothing about the job itself but the people I work with who make that possible.

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Anonymous said...

We name our crazies too and have Dancin' Yanti, Crackhead Bob, Crystal Meth Mama, and my personal shorthand for young ladies giving it away--FUMA for future unwed mother's of America.
None of them work here but with a bath and brief socialization they may.