Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On the Road Again

You all are wonderful and I thank you for your kind words and advice.

Much <3.

Your ideas were great and I have given serious consideration to each of them, particularly the idea of just getting in my car and driving, which really appeals to me.

However, I decided to do something else on my goal list. Having National Parks to hit, and so many to do, I decided to hit a couple in this trip. I'm driving by myself on a 6-day trip to the Mount Rushmore/Badlands/Custer area so I can scratch off my list Badlands National Park, Wind Cave National Park and Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. EXCELLENT!

This adds to the three of four National Lakeshores I've hit: Pictured Rocks, Apostle Island, and Indiana Dunes.

Also, I've been to Lincoln's Home National Historic Site, and Grand Portage National Monument.

Tip of the iceberg, but still, a decent start considering I've done all but two in the last few years.

SO! Pray/Hope/Chant for no snow!

I'm so excited! I haven't been this excited in a long time. People are telling me I'm nuts for going alone, particularly in the winter, but I don't care. I'm going.

Maybe I should get a cell phone. And borrow someone's GPS.


OMG, seriously, how did people travel once upon a time, 10 long, ancient years ago? MAYBE I'll renew my AAA membership just in case, but I am NOT going to bring as much technology with me as possible that won't even work up there just so other people think I'm being safe. Blug.

This is going to rock! I cannot wait!

And as if this answer was exactly what I needed, I suddenly feel very sleepy. Like I might get a good night of sleep tonight. Might. Not holding my breath. But if I'm not sleeping, at least I'll have something good to think about while I'm staring at my ceiling.

And, now that my announcement is out of the way, I can pave the way for future posts in need of writing, including the story today about how I peed on myself, the inability of people to think logically once they walk in the front doors of our library, or the wonderful observations my brother has made about global warming. Next post.

If you have any recommendations of places to stay or things I must see on this trip, do share! Thanks again, folks.


Tam said...

So jealous that you're getting to visit all those National Parks! Those ones are on my "one year on vacation" list. Do you have a National Park Passport? I love mine. Enjoy!

Happy Villain said...

I don't have a National Park Passport, but I have a feeling I'll be getting one. Thanks for the fabulous idea, btw! It's rewarding and bizarre to be influenced by total strangers, but I'm grateful for the opportunity everyday.

Amanda (the librarian) said...

Trip sounds great! Looking forward to the fabulous pictures I know you will take. I've been to Mt. Rushmore and Badlands - both about 20 years ago though so it will be interesting to see if and how they have changed. A little dusting of snow might be nice, but hoping it will not otherwise interfere with your vacation. Have a safe trip!

Kate P said...

That sounds like a great idea! And AAA should be able to give you some additional suggestions as well. I am hoping and praying for no snow for you!!!

Lummox said...

Just so you know, Nikki my sweet, I think your plan is awesome. IF I had the money and time, I would love to visit nature again. I used to camp and fish and nature hike in my youth, but then life took over. So I totally understand the calming effect and the joys to behold in communing with it.
Some day, it will be awesome to take Leelu and baby E out and show them life without the hustle and bustle of, well, life. :D

Best of luck and much love to you on your adventure. Get some rest. Also, if you want it. I have a cell phone I can send you for emergencies. You can call 911 for free from any cell phone in case of emergency and they HAVE to take the call. If you want it, we can send it off to you and the battery should be good for at least a few day.
Guess what else. I get to cook for my and Leelu's fams on Thanksgiving this year. I can't wait and at the same time, I am dreading it. So if all else fails and you can't get centered, think to yourself, "Could be worse. I could be Lummox right about now." You know how you said you were the rock to lean on and all. I think that may be falling to me to keep our family together. This will be the first time my mom's family won't be having Thanksgiving together and Xmas isn't looking much better.
So anyway, just know we will be thinking of you and sending all our love your way, so keep an eye out. ;)
Get some rest and have fun, sweets.

Tam said...

You're welcome for the idea. And if you visit DC, let me know and I can give you tips on where to find a couple of places for a bunch of stamps (I don't live there, but a friend does & we had to hunt to figure out how to get some of them).