Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Darwin Fail?

Occasionally I feel the urge to push the envelope.

Such a time is now.

A coworker reminded me that Darwin's birthday is upcoming in February. Since I was searching diligently for an idea for a small-ish display at the library, inspiration was found.

It would've been sufficient to slap a picture of the old man on a piece of paper and pronounce his birthday boldly, but this is not the way of the Happy Villain, as you well know. While surfing for a picture that embodied Galapagos, perhaps with some tortoises, I came upon an image that motivated me to do something that made me giggle long and hard.

Now, I am not a Darwin-worshipper, but I appreciate the incredible work the man did and regard him highly. But others, well, let's just say that their disagreements with science make him a bit of an anti-hero, and those who feel that way worship a being that I disagree with, so the cross-over concept was hatched and I Photoshopped this image for my display.

It doesn't stop there.

I filled the display with not just books on evolution, but books that bash creationism, by well-known atheists. It cracks me up. I'm waiting for the reaction. (I hope there is one.)

Heeeeeee. I love my job.


Lummox said...

Hey! What's wrong with creationism? What's so hard to believe? It's way easier to believe that a big magician in the sky who knows everything and can do anything, instead of just making everything all at once, decided to take 6 days to make the earth, the universe and everything and make the rest of the universe pretty lights for us to look at in the dark and then have to rest on the 7th day, because, let's face it, he just made EVERYTHING!!! And he made everything so perfect that there was no need to change anything and that all this happened about 6000 years ago, than to believe that everything eventually changed over a matter of billions of millennium in the galaxy to randomly but amazingly come together into the world we now see.

Actually, now that I type it out like this... you may have a point.

Carry on.

Rachel said...

Heh, some creationists are a bit whacked ^.^
But I think it's silly to think we came from apes. We came from rats! Apes came from rats as well, as did pigs. Which is why we use rats and mice in testing, and give people pig hearts ;)