Sunday, March 21, 2010


If seeing sandhills on Thursday on my way to get my new bike was a sign of a good day to come, I can only imagine what tonight holds for me. (Not holding my breath, though.) As I arrived home from work today, they were back and this time they were in the mood. I got pictures of cranes doing a mating dance! AS SEEN FROM MY DRIVEWAY!

Click below if you're interested. If not, I won't bore you with a long narrative.

Tabblo: Sandhill Crane Mating Dance


Kate P said...

That has got to be some sort of auspicious sign.

Leelu said...

How awesome is that?

Pretty damn awesome.

Anonymous said...

You get cranes, I get feral cats howling in lust--life ain't fair.

Happy Villain said...

Yes, though unfortunately, nothing cool happened after that. I guess I tapped the coolness with this sighting.

You know what I like about you? When you answer your own questions.

Some would appreciate a horny pussy -- it's all relative.