Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Twizzler Update

Under the strictest, most scientific of conditions, Ann and I conducted experiments at Applebee's on Friday night and have the following to report on the Twizzler Straw issue:

  • Long Island iced teas are marvelous sipped through a Twizzler.
  • Frozen strawberry daiquiris are impossible to sip through a Twizzler, as it is too narrow and the end with the daiquiri plugs instantly, causing the center of the Twizzler to collapse and the sucker's head to implode. Tried repeatedly, this failed every time. Additionally, the frozen drink rendered the Twizzler inedible as it was far too hard to chew, despite animated faces and slightly-inebriated gusto.

Thankfully, I have a brilliant brother who has suggested the best possible solution to the Twizzler Straw problem: Red Vines.

Red Vines are an alternate brand to Twizzlers, and though their consistency is slightly different and they have a mellower, less licorice-y taste, they are much larger and have a wider hole in the center.

A large package of Red Vines was purchased by this scientist and three Mike's Hard Berry wine coolers are chilling at the moment. If Red Vines serve well with Mike's magical drinks of happiness, I will dare to give the daiquiri another shot.

Anyone else conducting experiments of this type are encouraged to report their findings herein.

Carry on with your straw experimentation.


Cat. said...

Can't wait for the end of the workday to re-examine your LIIT/Twizzler work. There will be intense study going on here.

Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Your posts on Twizzler straws are very intriguing! I must investigate this fully myself. I'm also considering trying black licorice as a straw for whiskey coke. Thank you for the inspiration!

On a mostly unrelated note Firefox thinks Twizzler is spelled wrong and instead should be swizzle. I honestly didn't realize swizzle was a real word!

Bobby said...

I highly encourage drinking related experiments. Even when they technically fail, you still win.