Tuesday, June 22, 2010


At the reference desk, we have about seven of these toys for the public (and us) as a form of self-entertainment.

The director walked over to the desk and as he started asking us how things were going, he flipped one of the seven toys over, but left the other six as they were.

This bothered the OCD part of my brain, and with no regard for his position, I snapped, “You can’t just DO that! You have to flip them ALL now!”

And so he did. With a smile. And without batting an eyelash or challenging my tone of voice. It was great.


Me: Now stand on one foot and “bock” like a chicken.

Director: I’ll do that… later. That’s an after-hours game.

Me: Oh my! What other tricks do you do after hours?

He laughed evilly.

My partner at the desk, who’d only last week sung along with the “My Ding-A-Ling” song, begged out of the conversation because it was getting too racy, but typical of her, she never actually left and then rejoined and upped the ante.

Partner: Do you play the chicken with feathers or without?

Director: Well… [more evil laughter]

Me: He starts out with feathers, but then…

He began making sexy plucking motions that had me in hysterics.

Ahh, the benefits at my job are not monetary, but they do exist.

* * *

One of my favorite regulars was in using the computer, as always.

On his way out, he asked about our Summer Reading Club display (which I will share with you when I get a chance – it’s so twisted), and we joked about it for a few minutes, then he left.

I turned away and heard a crash, looked up to see him, and he was looking at the big glass door, dazed, and his son was laughing at him.

I shouted, incredulously, “Did you just run into the DOOR?”

He scrunched his head down between his shoulders, giggled a little, and left.

My partner at the desk looked at me and we both busted up. It reminded me of the glass conversation I’d had with my brother a while ago, and I couldn’t stop chuckling.

Partner: You’re so mean! You shouted that! ‘Did you just run into the DOOR?’ Everyone looked up and saw him!

Me: I… I… was concerned about him.

We collapsed into giggles.

Partner: You were not! You embarrassed him!

Me: No! He embarrassed himself! I was worried about his health! His mental health, but still!

Partner: And people say I’m mean!

Me: You are mean! But that’s why we like working together.

And we do. More benefits you just can’t put a price on.

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Leelu said...

Kinky: using a feather
Perverted: using the whole chicken

And you are mean. Deliciously, kindly so. :D