Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We have a coworker who has been having a lot of fun with the Halloween costumes this week.

Monday she came in and wore a sticker that said, "Hello, my name is Mary" and her hair was sticking in the air. I thought momentarily that she was Mary from Something About Mary, but if you knew this woman you would think twice, like I did, and profess to have no idea what the costume meant. My first instinct was right, much to my shock.

Yesterday she came in with Smarties candies pinned all over her pants. She was a smarty-pants.

Today she had the word "book" on her face, with B and O on one cheek and O and K on the other. I looked at her and my initial idea was, this girl is a total book-head, but that was dumb so clearly not the costume.

She was getting frustrated and said, "Where is it?!"

I said, "Uh, you have book on your face."

She stomped her feet and said, "Say it the other way now!"

"OH, Facebook!"

That one was tough, in my opinion.

So, I followed Christi out to the desk today to see if she could get the costume.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Christi?

Christi looked at her and said a couple hmms, then finally stated, with no humor at all, "Oh, I get it: B.O. So you have B.O. and you're O.K. with it."

I had to sit on the floor I was laughing so hard.


Tina said...

I thought that the Facebook idea was cute. Do not really know if I would have gotten it, but I loved the other librarian's response too. I'm dressing up as Dracula. I thought about being the Paperbag Princess but that would have been too much planning in advance... next year will be a bit more inventive. (A Canadian librarian).

BeckEye said...

I like all of those costume ideas. As well as the snarky wrong guess. :)