Monday, June 9, 2008

Pass the Pizza, Please

Lately, I’ve been trying to eat healthy and live a better life.

I’m very good about vegetables and fruit. They are a part of every meal and if I go without, I start craving things so intensely I’ve been known to run to Wendy’s in the middle of the night to get a salad and baked potato. But some of my other choices are not so good, and with summer here, I’m grilling burgers and hot dogs more often than I should. So, I’ve been making some changes.

First I started trying to eat fish, despite my fears of mercury and pollutants, and what I’m finding is that I just cannot consume food that smells like a yeast infection. Call me crazy. Every time hold my nose and scoop a bit of something fishy into my mouth, my gag reflex kicks in and I feel the need to wash my mouth out with Monistat. I think I’m done with fish.

Then I committed myself to whole grains, incorporating delectable grass seeds into usually bland and unfulfilling foods like spaghetti and meatballs and banana bread. Who knew all this time that couscous was the tasty flavor of mud that’s long been missing from my meatloaf recipe? Have you ever had quinoa? If you haven’t, you really should. It’s somewhere between hay and unsweetened, dry cereal, which is exactly what I want to replace 50% of the meat in my meatballs with. Add a little Parmesan, roll in flour, cook in a skillet and add to your spaghetti and suddenly you’ll find that one of your favorite dishes is now improved to taste like bird food. I wonder if you can grow grass in your tummy with the right conditions. Oh, and who likes sweet banana bread? That’s right: NO ONE! Put some whole grain flour in that recipe instead and you’ll find that the essence of banana added to a gritty yet moist cracker is just what you’re looking for. Trust me, whole grains are great! And if that wasn’t enough of a sermon to run out and fill your foods with barley and brown rice, consider how happy you’ll be when you have to poop 15 minutes after every meal thanks to all that fiber. Oh, your butt will thank you! Your butt will thank you to the tune of constant tenderness. You’ll love it! Trust me.

So, tomorrow is my last day of work until the 19th, and Boyfriend Extraordinaire is flying in tomorrow night so we can be on vacation together. For this week, we’re likely going to eat out most days, and I’m stepping back from grass seeds and vaginal-discharge-flavored meats. When he’s gone and I’m back at work, I’ll probably give it another try, but I get this week to eat pizza and fajitas again.

Oh, and I’ll enjoy the luxury of maybe cutting back to one bowel movement a day. And when you consider how much toilet paper and toilet flushes this will save, I think the earth will thank me.


Romana1 said...

LOL. OMG, I don't think I'm ever going to look at fish dinners the same way again. 'Vaginal-discharge-flavored meats....' FOFLMAO.

Hope you have a fantastic vacation!!!

Rachel said...

lol, wow, I never thought about it that way with the fish.. I like fish too much to give it up. My boyfriend and I cook it in a white wine and herb sauce with pasta and fried vegies.
Unfortunately I can't eat as healthy as I'd like due to an allergy to fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts (well, everyone's "allergic" to the nuts who venture into the library...)
And if you don't believe me, because many don't, it's called oral allergy syndrome:

And I certainly feel you on the whole grain thing :P blech! My mom LOVES bran muffins tho... >.<

Anonymous said...

Yeah thanks for that fish comment...I used to like fish!


Gardenbuzzy said...

I don't know.. this is just way too much information. I'm just back from a family reunion and I'm not sure I can handle potty issues right now. Especially when my husband's aunt (who is skeletally thin) said her "trainer" said she had 30% body fat and needed to lose it and gain muscle. Honey, if I turned all my body fat into muscle, I'd look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his body-building salad days.

Debbie said...

Hey, if you add enough fat, salt, and/or sugar, whole grains taste great!

Gardenbuzzy said...

If you want something really gross, try lo-carb pasta. Now that stuff is just nasty!

Travelin' Tracy said...

I like whole grain, but definitely not whole grain pizza dough. Um, what do I like that is healthy (try mixing in flax seed with your cereal or oatmeal. And if fish is not your thing, then buy fish oil vitamins (you can get the benefits without the discharge effect!) hahaa