Friday, June 13, 2008

Wheeeee! Herons and Ducks!

Vacations are wonderful!

Tabblo: Flooded Fox River


Anonymous said...

OMG that DUCK! How cute and amazing is that?! *squish!*

Rachel said...

Nature is an amazing force that humans have yet to understand ^.^ Just look at Chornobyl in the Ukraine. They had a horrible radioactive disaster the equivilent to 500 nuclear bombs. Now it is teaming with more life that ever before, it is beautiful and still pretty radioactive. It seemed to only get rid of the humans.
That looks like a great blue heron, which are considered evil to those who own fish ^.^
(my dad hates them, they eat our koi)

Gardenbuzzy said...

Great pictures, HV!! I love your commentary, as well! I'm sitting here, listening to nice music on my computer and looking at your pictures. It just doesn't get any better than that!

annie said...

Your photos just keep getting getter. Love that duck! Have a great holiday.

Romana1 said...

*heehee* That is an awesome duck!