Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Animals are More Interesting Than People

This is the second time I've found this monkey sitting at the top of his enclosure with a Pooh washcloth on his head. I think he either sits too close to the lights and is trying to prevent scalpburn, or he is a typical prima donna primate looking for some extra attention by putting on a sad show.

The petting zoo has an inhabitant named Elizabeth the cow, and after a rain, she tries really hard to lick the wet spots to try to dry herself out. Some wet spots are hard to reach. Through giggles, I shot this picture and even the zookeeper incredulously demanded, "You're taking a picture of a cow licking her butt?!" To this I answered in the affirmative and laughed so hard that Elizabeth looked at me and then turned around.

I just know that this orangutan was reading The Secret, and even if it was a library book, I can't blame him for his sentiment.

Some of the best people I know are animals.

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Rachel said...

heh, animals are interesting because they are not human... I'm sure if we were all cats, humans would be interesting. But humans are quite interesting! You get those interesting people in the library all the time :D
(I just hope you've never had a "cow" trying to clean herself in the library... >.< )