Friday, September 19, 2008

Career Highlight

Not much makes me giggle like a schoolgirl more than a handful of new books coming up from our tech services department that I ordered. I feel like they’re mine, obviously, but more than that, I am bursting with giddiness over the fun titles.

Bad Girls 4 Live
Pitbulls in a Skirt
Thug’s Passion
A Hood Chick’s Story
Payback is a Mutha

They say sardonically, “Ah, look, Happy Villain’s books are in,” and they’re looking at a cover that has an African American woman’s ass barely covered by a spandex skirt that almost comes down to the bottom of her cheeks, and she’s sporting some stilettos that could double as weapons. Yup. Those are mine. And it thrills me to no end. If nothing else, I can die a happy woman now because I have given our library over 150 hoochie-mama books.

This is my legacy. It makes me smile.


Leelu said...

There are worse legacies. :)

And, hey, at least it's not Twilight. *laugh*

Kate P said...

Beats the heck out of Gossip Girl and all the poor imitations it's spawned, IMHO.

BTW, Leelu, the high school library where I'm studying has been turning down ILL requests for Twilight left and right. The librarian says, "Order the freaking book already."

Gardenbuzzy said...

Have you read any of the Stephanie Plum books? They are written by Janet Evanovich and they are truly delightful. Stephanie is a bounty hunter, but not a very good one. Her cars are constantly getting blown up or otherwise demolished, she has the hots for two different men, and her grandmother goes to funeral home viewings for entertainment. If you haven't read any of these books, you deserve a treat.

Just suggestin'

Anonymous said...

Adult services refuses to by any books by Zane, Ashley Jaquavis, etc. since the individual who orders the books find them morally objectionable. What pisses me off is that we ILL these titles constantly, have talked to the adult fiction librarian asking him to order these books and keep getting blown off. A patron donated a collection of these books--all in pristine collection--and the entire lot got dumped into the booksale where I found them, grabbed them, and distributed them to patrons who had requested this genre. My patrons are now sharing the books with each other and we suck.
I am furious at my library for their censorship and applaud your library for behaving like a library.
Just venting, and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Might be interested in this article, Gossip girls and ghetto girls:

BeckEye said...

Is Pitbulls in a Skirt a biography of Sarah Palin?

Rachel said...

Wait, libraries have censorship?? I was under the impression that libraries were meant for the distribution of knowledge and information and entertainment for all with no limitations...