Thursday, September 25, 2008

Six Swallow Siblings Sitting in a Nest

"Where'd Mom go?"
"Is that Mom?"
"No, she went this-a-way."
"I'm hungry."
"Me too."
"Who farted?"

"She's taking too long."
"Is that Mom?"
"No, I think she just went that-a-way."
"I'm hungry."
"Stop pushing!"
"You're pushing ME!"


"Dork, that wasn't Mom."
"False alarm."
"I smelled worms."
"I'm hungry."
"Where's Mom?"
"She's not back here."

"Quit pushing!"
"Stop touching me!"
"Who farted?!"
"Worm breath!"

"Me too!"
"Is that Mom?"
"Where? I don't see her!"
"Who farted?"


Rachel said...

They're so cute ^.^
Those are some really nice pictures :D

Manda said...

I keep coming to this post. It puts a smile on my face every time. Great pictures!