Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Deeds

Bro: Did you see that the kid across the street--

“The kid across the street” is actually in his thirties, just got his Ph.D. and is anything but a kid; however, we refer to him as “the kid” because he’s only about 4’8” tall.

Bro: --plowed our driveway?

Me: Just at the end again, where we always get plowed in?

The kid has used his new snowblower to clear the end of the driveways for everyone on our street the last two times it’s snowed.

Bro: No, he did the whole thing, all the way around your car and up the front step.

Me: He did WHAT?!

Bro: Yeah, he did OUR driveway, his next-door-neighbor’s, The Smiths’, and Mrs. Williams’ driveways too.

Me: With his new snowblower?

Bro: Yep.

Me: Wow. He sure likes to play with his new toy. That was nice of him. Did we get a lot of snow?

Bro: Oh, about a foot.

Me: He snowblew--

Yeah, that’s a word.

Me: --a foot of snow for us? For no reason? For no money? Just to be…NICE?!

Bro: I guess. You should’ve seen him, too. He was all bundled up and he had these goggles on. *laughs* Safety goggles!

Me: *hysterical* What a geek!

Bro: He looked like a scientist or something.

Me: OHMYGOD what a nerd!

Bro: *laughs*

Me: Clearing other people’s driveways? What’s WRONG with him? He’s not from here. LOSER!

We were both cracking up. And while we made fun of him and called him names behind his back, when I ran into him later in the morning as he was doing the second round on the neighborhood driveways, I bowed and thanked him profusely. He was so modest, too, saying it was nothing with his snowblower, but he knew that the rest of us had to shovel, and the snow was over his knees in many areas. He felt compelled to help.

Definitely not from around here.

And yes, we did get a foot of snow, and I had more because of the damn drifts. If I had been responsible for shoveling all that snow, I likely would’ve just torched it.

Since it wasn’t the nightmare it could have been, we took the dog outside to play in the snow. He’s such a riot, so I took pics and updated Doggie Extraordinaire’s blog too.

Happy Snow Day!

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Rachel said...


I wish more people were like "the kid." Four tractors offered to plow out our church's parking lot, but only if we paid them $300.
We ended up with 25-27 inches!