Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grinchy No More

Months ago, I declared war on my neighbor’s cat, which I documented a few times here. The little bitch kept killing the neighborhood birds, and my yard began to smell like a litter box, so she was lucky I merely hosed her to get her to go away. I called the village. I called police department. Many neighbors tried to speak with the cat’s owner, only to have the door slammed in their faces. This cat was such a nuisance that I had finally decided I’d had enough and was going to work with the local police to set traps and haul her off to kitty jail.

Well, I wussed out. She continued being a huge nuisance all summer and fall, but I noticed a few weeks ago that her owner’s house was for sale, so I’ve been holding my breath until the family leaves, taking their stupid cat with them.

Then we got snow. No one in that house shoveled the driveway and no cars drove over the perfect blanket of white. They were gone. FINALLY, they were gone! And that damn cat was gone, too!

Today I got up early to start my Christmas baking, and while I was cleaning off the kitchen table, I saw a tiny, little, gray lump, half-buried under the lip of the sliding glass door that leads out to the back yard. It looked like a wad of duct tape. I pressed my face against the glass to see better and the little lump of duct tape looked up at me. It was the kitty I declared war on. She was huddled into a tiny ball, pressed hard against the foundation, trying to stay out of the foot of snow that covers everything.

Remember that moment from the cartoon “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” when the Grinch’s heart grew 10 sizes that day? That was me.

I called the police and an officer came out to speak with me. She said that since we know that this cat can catch birds, she’s probably perfectly suited to stay outside, so I shouldn’t worry. Feral cats have been surviving in this area forever, and this one looks healthy and well fed. I suggested she speak with the owners, because this seemed a bit cruel to me, but she was already well acquainted with the owners. The owners left in the middle of the night one night, leaving he house completely trashed. The real estate agent and this officer had come to the conclusion that there were many animals living in that house, though I only knew of the one gray cat. Finally, it came down to the nitty-gritty, and the officer told me she could not take the cat with her, but a CSO might be able to do it later this evening, when he came on duty. If he called in sick, there wouldn’t be anyone to come out until Tuesday. She told me not to worry, that the kitty would be okay outside until then. And she left.

This is not how it happens on “Animal Cops”!

The little duct-tape-colored kitty is now living in my garage, belly full of tuna, sleeping soundly on a nest of furry blankets.

My brother and I have fallen in love.

She is the softest, sweetest kitty I’ve ever met. She’s all gray with a hint of tabby markings on her, a soft white chest and belly, and white socks on all her paws. My favorite thing is the black paw pads in the white paw fur. Too cute!

This little cat purrs and meows almost nonstop. She’s so starved for love that she can’t even sit still in your lap, and rolls around until she falls away from you, then runs back to be close to you again. She is an absolute delight and has melted my heart.

But, I can’t let her in the house and she can’t stay in the garage. I’m trying desperately to find her a home before my dog discovers she’s in an attached part of our house and tries to eat through the wall to get to her. And before the next really bad cold spell hits.

Does anyone want the sweetest, softest, duct-tapiest kitty ever?


Dragon Reads said...

Scum that ditch their pets and just move on are the worst. I have a two-fer with my stray--she was pregnant and we kept one of her delightful kittens. I also have an outside feral that I feed but who would rip my lungs out if I tried to touch him.
You're such a love, HV, and bless you for it.

Happy Villain said...

Thanks so much. And yay to you for rescuing a mom and kitten from who-knows-what!

You should see what I've done in my garage for her. There's an electric blanket plugged in for crying out loud, in addition to all the regular blankets, and a heap of my personal stock of fish. Girl's got it made for living in a garage. And I just know that the word is going to get out about our accommodations and by January it will be a veritable zoo.

(Which I'm not complaining about. I always want more animals around me.)

librarian nervosa said...

You angel. Hope it all works out.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could take her, but my dogs already ate two cats.