Sunday, December 7, 2008

For Those In Doubt

And I'll have you know, all of these have been worn a number of times, so I may have bitched about receiving dancing snowmen socks, but I wear them. Because they're crazy. And because I can't wear my doggie socks everyday. Or my cheese socks. But I probably could wear the 15 pairs of Peanuts socks I have, though they'd get worn out, and I don't want to lose them.

So there.

Oh, and the frog blanket was made for me by Marina for my birthday last February. Isn't that the cutest thing?! The colors match my polar bear, penguin and snowflake sheets (which I use all year around), though I'm not so sure the animals belong together. That blanket remains one of my all-time favorite gifts I've ever received, and when I forget to close my bedroom window at night, I can be found under that warm frog blanket, wearing socks with Christmas moose on them. Or singing reindeer. Or a clumsily ice-skating Pooh. Or a teddy bear making a big snowball.

If you took me too seriously in my last post, you missed the point of the entire introductory paragraph.

Which means, if you want to send me crack, go ahead. But as I said to Lummox and Leelu, if it's buttcrack you send, make it a buttcrack belonging to a handsome gent, or if you send a lesbian, send one who knows how to fix a broken toilet. Thanks.

Happy Sock-Giving Holiday.

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