Monday, December 29, 2008

Here There Be Kitty

I guess Cloudy is ours now.

She looks pretty comfortable in our world.

The person who was interested in adopting her never called. We're slowly and very carefully trying to see if Doggie Extraordinaire will be open to a cat sharing the home, and it looks like she's practicing her defensive jabs just in case.

These are pictures taken by my bro, who I think has found the soul mate in her that he always wanted. She doesn't look at me this way.

This is how she looks at me. Like she owns the place and she merely tolerates my presence until she needs some ear rubs. Well, she is a cat after all. Aren't all cats like that?

Doggie Extraordinaire is behaving very strangely. He seems very needy and insecure, never wanting to leave my side, even though he and the cat have only been in the same room for about two minutes. I'm giving him all the attention he seeks because he's behaving so well, but I distrust his fear more than his aggression. We shall see.

We're teaching her to look ferocious just in case.

But mostly she just looks cute. And we kinda dig it.


Kate P said...

Awww, she really does look cute. I love the white socks. Hope she and D.E. become good friends!

Dragon Reads said...

I have three cats and three dogs, which tips me over into insane pet ownership. I've been pissed at all of them for various reasons but have never not loved them. I have never regretted sharing my home, which my daughter refers to as Wild Kingdom, with them. All of them, except the last dog which I chose, came here from some other place--none of which was happy or safe. I love happy endings, but this is a work in progress for you and me.
I'm so full of joy the felon cat, now yours, is not going to live a short, brutal existence but has a shot at a real life. Bless you!

Leelu said...

Congratulations, you've been reaccepted into the world of catslavery. Enjoy your new purry master. :)

(You realize this was practically a foregone conclusion from the time you let her in your bed, right?)

Virtua said...

I will say what my husband and I always say to our new kitties: Perfect angel! Angelie poo poo!
Wow, it looks a lot lamer written down.....

Rachel said...

She's so lovable and sweet I'm glad she's staying somewhere she'll get the love and attention she needs! :D
Besides, I'm sure she'd have come back if you'd gotten rid of her anyway ^.^ They do that.

Anonymous said...

Your brother takes great pictures! I wonder if they could be sold to those people who make cat calendars? NYN HV.

Anonymous said...

Oops. I meant HNY HV. Time to go take more medicine.

Gardenbuzzy said...

She's BEAUTIFUL, HV!! I'm so happy for you. I haven't been looking at blogs much during the Christmas season since my grandbaby has been here for a visit. (Check out my blog for pics of the cutie! But I digress. I'm so happy Cloudy has found a good and loving home with you and your brother. I think with time even DE will adjust and everyone will be happy. Thank you for taking her!!

librarian nervosa said...

What a very beautiful cat. If it's a problem supporting her, you could do what Abbie the Cat does on his blog and have PayPal donations. I've given to him, and would be happy to help.

Cheers and Happy New Year from Tassie!

Happy Villain said...

Thanks, we're working on it.

Dragon Reads:
Ahhh, you know, these Wild Kingdoms seem to be chronic conditions for people like you and me. Sigh.

I know that you and particularly Lummox figured she would never leave, but I did not know this and might have invited her in sooner if I knew it was fated. Who am I to screw with destiny?

It's amazing what dorks we turn into when we're in love with an animal. THANK FSM we don't behave this way with humans! Whew.

If she came back, I'd have flashes of Pet Sematary until I knew she was really alive. Freaky!

I'll tell him. I'm sure he'd be flattered, although I don't know if he'd give a tiny shit about anyone else's cat. :)

Either way, I had no idea what that meant until I looked it up on :)

Thanks, and how cool that we both spent the holidays with little cuties! :)

Librarian Nervosa:
Thanks so much, but she isn't nearly as expensive as the dog. Though, how weird is it that she eats about half of what he does, but she's only about 1/10 his size? Hmmm, that's a great metabolism. Cheers and Happy New Year to you, too!