Sunday, December 21, 2008


She's in my bed
Stealin' my heart.

At -5º outside, it was just too cold to leave her in the garage, so she is now in the house. We're taking turns keeping her in our rooms. We cannot go on like this. Doesn't anyone want to have this beauty as their own?!



Cat. said...

I totally would take her--she's adorable!!--except for the little detail of my allergies.

How about a sign at Jewel?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried introducing her to Doggie Extraordinaire? Some dogs do like cats, especially after they calm down and the cat calms down. Persistence on this can pay off, but don't leave them alone together. DE is pretty big.

Sorry, I'd love to take her but I have 3 already, one is sick, and I'm in California.

Dragon Reads said...

I knew that you had found your cat.
HV, I thought my Alsatian, a cat hater, was going to kill my cat in a heartbeat. I locked the cat in my room and dreaded the day--then the unspeakable happened and the damn cat escaped and ran straight to the slavering dog. The dog was snarling and the damn cat, bless her, drat her, started rubbing against the dog, and purring. The dog was confused and then she started to lick the damn cat. I was shocked and have never had a bit of worry about those two since they are now thick as thieves.
We find our dogs but our cats find us and you, girl, have been righteously discovered by your own, personal, cat.
My eldest son, who just bought his first house, was found by his cat too--another stray who captured his heart and just moved in. Now he's sending me pictures and feeding her better than he eats.
I think cats 'phone each other to tell each other about suckers like us, open to loving an unwanted orphan--such a brilliant PR campaign by those furry bandits.
I KNEW you were a goner, and so did Duct Tape kitty.

Shy said...

She's adorable. And warm on a winter's night, I'll bet.

Rachel said...

Aw, she's just so cute! Does she have an official name yet? On deviantArt, your brother called her Cloudcat. ^.^
I'd take her, but we already have 6, all of which were rescues.

libwitch said...

Sadly, it appears the cat may have decided you belong to her. You may not have a choice in the matter. Neither may the dog. But I grew up in a house where dogs and cats managed to torment each other without killing each other and even occasionally live in peace.

I have allergies, and am in a different state, so no help from me. But good luck no matter what happens!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised DE hasn't knocked the door down to get to her.

Happy Villain said...

I'm working on trying to find someone we know to take her. Then I'll try signs up in public places. IF I can pry her from my brother's arms.

I've been trying to figure out a way to introduce them. He's stopped barking at our bedroom doors when she's inside and doesn't even sniff us when we've been with her. Perhaps there's hope.

Dragon Reads:
Okay, stories like that I should not hear. I can barely feed my own family, and I certainly don't need to be adopting strays, no matter how cute they are. However, your stories give me hope. I just don't know. If I can find her a home, that's the goal. If not...well, I just don't know yet. I would SOOO love to keep her. :(

She really is! GAH!

Yeah, he's been calling her that and I've been calling her Cloudy. Who knows what she'd be named? Our dog is named River, but Chris calls him Brown Dog, Croissant Dog, and a variety of other descriptive names, while I call him varieties of his own name, like Rivvies, Squibbies, Mr. Squibbs, Squibber, and anything else that my brain can twist his name into. Know what's funny? My brother was posting on MySpace that he needed to find her a home, and now he's saying on DA that he has a new roomie. Uh-huh. See how she roped us in??

They do choose us more than we choose them, don't they? Hopefully there will be no bloodshed, but I can take some sibling rivalry.

Yeah, my dog is more bark than bite anyway, but his size and jaw strength scare me sometimes. I'm hoping he ends up scared of her, like he is the broom, the can opener, salad tongs, tennis balls, etc. He's such a fraidey cat. (Did I spell that right?)

Virtua said...

I tried to find a cat a new home once, and it traveled nearly 15 miles across highways in the snow to return to what he saw as his home. Cats are notorious for choosing you when you have other plans. Try it out with DE: they wil not be happy for a good long time, but even tolerating each other is big. Get a pilow River has been on and put it in her room, and get the blanket she has been on and put it in his room. Open the door separating them, and have your brother hold the dog while you hold the cat and have them look at each other, not for very long, just until everyone is good and freaked out, and shut the door. Repeat over two weeks. Don't let them alone together for a good month or two. Eventually, it should work. My sinificant bother says we can't have this kittie, but his excuse is a stupid tautology: we can't have more than three cats, because we can only have three cats. Sigh. If you need donations for food, vet bills, or anything, I'd be glad to be a patron of the cat, and please know I never joke.

Phil said...

I'd offer to take her, except for the fact that I don't want to. I can tolerate cats, but don't really want to own one. And since two separate co-workers have been trying to offload litter-critters onto me lately, I don't think it'd be cool of me to take one from out of state. Sorry.

Rachel said...

I still cannot get over how CUTE she is! *huggles*

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to hear an update. HV, what's the verdict?