Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Change Is Good

For nearly a year, I've had half a head of blue hair, and while I have loved it, there have been many times when I wish I didn't have such a high maintenance hairdo. This was particularly intense after re-dying my hair and noting how very deep blue the caulk around the base of my tub and the grout in the tiles in the shower have become, and no amount of scrubbing will change that.

Someone helped me to make a big hair decision.

Leelu's mother knits. She knits soft, fuzzy, gorgeous scarves, and this year she had an extra, which Leelu sent to me as a gift. I love my scarf a lot, but it clashed with my hair, so clearly something had to be done about the hair.

I now have purple hair.

A purple scarf and purple hair.

And a purple blog.

Everything is aligned again and the chaos and nightmares that have plagued my life lately will now go away. Purple will cure all.


Gardenbuzzy said...

Please post some pics of your newly purple hair, with the scarf. I would like to see. I loved the blue hair, I think I will like the purple as well.

Rachel said...

yay! When I got my scarf for Christmas, it made everything better ^.^
However when I tried to dye my hair to match, well... I don't look good in black, let's say! :D

And yes please post pics!

Leelu said...

Well, technically, she doesn't knit, she crochets. :D

I'm really glad you liked it.

Happy Villain said...

I will as soon as the purple is visible. Right now it's so dark that it's impossible to distinguish from the dark brown. I worry it will be pink before I'll be able to see it. Sigh.

Yeah, I can't quite see you with black hair, but if it was a fuzzy scarf, perhaps you could have gone with a fuzzy haircut instead of a dye job. :) Nah, you'd look weird with a buzz cut too.

The word "crochet" makes me giggle. I see it as crotch-it. Heeee! And yes, I really like it. Thanks again.

Romana1 said...

Ooooh, I like the purple blog-can't wait to see your purple hair!

*heehee* Ok, after your last comment, now everytime I see 'crochet', I'm gonna giggle. ;)