Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Gang In Town

Yesterday there was a report of graffiti in one of the washrooms, so it was handled in the way we are supposed to handle all graffiti: call the police so they can come out and identify any gang symbols for documentation.

It did not surprise me that the washroom had been tagged again. For some reason, the local gangs like to claim our washrooms as their own territory. Could they be more disgusting? What is it about washrooms? Have they not seen all the rogue turds and urine on the floors and ceilings (yes, ceilings; we checked with an ultraviolet light), not to mention all the menstrual debris? They WANT this? They want to be associated with this? They want to OWN this and call it theirs? Far be it from me to stand in their way of claiming a dirty fecal chamber as their territory. The next thing you know, they'll be marking up the lawn at my house, where my dog has pooped all winter. This is what they want to be associated with, right?

It turns out the "graffiti" in the washroom consisted of three letters: B T W.

Seriously. BTW. That's gang graffiti?

So, we have a new gang in the neighborhood. The By The Way gang. They're giving the WTF gang a run for their money, and as their name would indicate, the BTW gang is leaving a lot of people hanging as well. While they may beat the WTF gang, which is pretty clueless, we think they'll be no match for the LOL gang, which is long established and very rooted in the community. If you live here, you are in or know someone in the LOL gang -- membership is almost contagious, if you will. You just don't walk into this town with your BTW name and think you can take over from the LOLs. And if you keep up with the gang hierarchy, you know that the LOL gang is ruled by the ROFL, which is ruled by the OMG gang, which is ruled by the OMFG gang, who just plain rule. So, even though the BTW gang likes to think they can just walk into our building and claim our waste receptacles as their own, I really don't think the OMFG gang will allow this.

Hopefully the water-solubility of the tagging in the washroom is an indication that the By The Way gang is not going to be here for long. I'm sure there are other toilets in the world they could claim. But it was flattering to think that there were warring factions of gangs competing for our plumbing.


Leelu said...

I stand by my previous statement: OMGWTFBBQ!!!1one!

Happy Villain said...

The OMGWTFBBQ gang??? Holy crap, I hear they're tough. They claim not just toilets but kitchens too!

Kate P said...

I thought it was the BLT gang in the kitchens.

BeckEye said...

Only the most badass gangs claim library bathrooms as their turf.