Monday, February 23, 2009

Typos Make My Job Fun

While trying to help someone find a book on sock puppets, I mistyped my search terms and found myself with a case of the giggles I could not get rid of.

What did I type?

Cock puppets.

Think about it. WHY hasn't someone come up with this yet? And how great would it be to use old socks to make cock puppets?! I'd pay to see a cock puppet show. Once people get good, maybe there will be ventriloquist cock puppetry. Marionettes. Children's shows may never recover.

Coming soon: cock monkeys.


Amanda (the librarian) said...

omg hilarious.

Thank you for a much-needed laugh after mailing the IRS our return and a check.

Leelu said...

I would actually be more surprised to find that they don't already exist somewhere. Rule 34, remember. :D

Mary Ellen said...

Why have sock-cock puppets when you could have this?


Bobby said...

Does the underwear that looks like an elephant with it's trunk holding, uh, the junk, count?

I heard about that somewhere. I DO NOT own them.

Shy said...

Paper might be preferable- no sewing and disposable...

Check it out: