Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Any Baby But a Human Baby

The camera is fixed, it only cost $45 to clean it, and there isn’t a gosling in a 10-mile radius who isn’t in danger of running into me, with a bag full of bread and my camera.

My brother has gathered a personal flock of Canada geese that come to our house every morning for birdseed and breadcrumbs. The other day there were 12 on our driveway and front lawn, just lounging about, waiting for him to get up and feed them.

Finally he got up and we went outside for breakfast with the geese.

We both can hand feed a few of them, and one stands right next to me and will nibble on my kneecaps if I don’t give him bread. They’re awesome.

I’ve been going to a nearby park and following two families of geese around. They actually recognize me now and come to me when I approach.

I have an album of goslings on my tabblo page if you’re interested in cute, little goose babies.

Tabblo: Welcome To the World, Goslings

Eventually, there won’t be as many babies around and I’ll be home more, so I can write about all the absolute insanity I’ve been dealing with for the last few weeks. But until the babies grow up and move on, I’ll be out taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

Great news about the camera, the geese are lovely, and I am envious.
Question though, how come you get geese and I get flocks of seagulls? The bird flu hit very badly in my area and all the crows are gone, as are the bluebirds and cardinals. All we have left are seagulls and I want geese too.

Happy Villain said...

Holy crap, where are you that you lost your birds?? That's scary! That's tragic! Why don't we talk about this on the news instead of the idiotic crap? I'm so sorry. I'll try to take more bird pictures so you can live vicariously, until the birds make a comeback by you. That's so sad.

Anonymous said...

I kept finding their little bodies all over the place a few years ago and it was horribly sad. I live near 12700 and Halsted, near Cedar Park Cemetery, and there used to be a huge flock of crows there that would beat up the few seagulls that dared show their beaks. The blue jays and crows seem to be the worst victims of West Nile virus and the gulls have moved in to take their place since the crazy cat lady up the block has a HUGE population of feral cats that eat everybody else. I miss my birds and appreciate the pictures. (sniff)

Travelin' Tracy said...

On Sunday I walked down the block to see the goslings that live by me. In fact, I happened to get there just when they were crossing the road (so cute). It was hard to give the babies some bread because the adults kept stealing it! It was fun though. It made me think that I can't wait until I have my own baby to bring along with me!

Happy Villain said...

NO WAY! Here I thought you were in another part of the country or maybe another country altogether, but you're in CHICAGO!? What is going on in the city that isn't going on in the 'burbs by me??? I have seen so many more birds this year that I figured the forest preserves and wetlands have brought species back. And I'm seeing things I never saw in this area before! Maybe as the mountain lions move into the city, the birds are moving out. ;) Come see me sometime and I'll take you to the waterfowl sanctuary on the Fox River and the forest preserves with vernal ponds full of ducks you never knew existed.

You know, I talk a good talk about being all anti-children, but the entire time I'm with the goslings I'm trying to think of kids I know who I can bring and share this with. A love of animals is often best shared with children. :)