Friday, September 24, 2010

Because It's Worthy

Far be it from me to promote anything on FB and anything to do with Oprah, but here I am because dammit, it needs to be done.

Oprah, Libraries Need You! was set up by Marilyn Johnson, beloved author and friend of mine, with the hopes that Oprah will do something to draw attention to the sad state of public libraries and the potential losses they will continue to suffer if something isn't done. Why Oprah? Well, if you work in a public library, you know how much power this woman has, not just with the public and Oprah's Book Club, but the media and political world. She spends so much time promoting books, education, literacy, etc., but she's been unusually silent about the problems libraries are facing today. One can only wonder why. Thus, library champion Marilyn Johnson started a FB page hoping to attract a crowd and the attention of those who might help.

If you're a FB person and you're a library-lover, please consider joining as well.


Edward Shaddow said...

I'll have a word with Oprah for you when she visits Australia later this year :P

Cielle said...

Maybe she (Oprah) should take a look around the Chicago Cultural Center (the old public library building). We wandered in there recently, and I was awestruck by the investment people had once made to glorify the preservation and dissemination of knowledge. Great names in literature and their words of wisdom on the subject are enshrined in the mosaic walls. I'm afraid that era of reverence is over.