Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm Back!

I've published a post on my Travel Blog about the trip if you're interested.

Otherwise, it should be back to life as usual.

While I was gone, Marina sent me an email saying that she just had to tell someone what she saw because she was utterly grossed out. The Creepy Craigslist Guy was apparently wearing at T-shirt that read, "It's not going to lick itself." Today she elaborated that it made her throw up a little bit. People as creepy as him should not be allowed to wear suggestive clothes like that. It should be a law.

Man, I do not miss these encounters when I'm on vacation. At all.

1 comment:

Leelu said...

Best response I've ever seen to that (type of) shirt:

"Clearly, with your obvious personality, it's going to have to."