Friday, April 24, 2009

Loretta, You Bitch!

Sometimes, when Leelu isn’t around, I must somehow channel her to make up for the void, because today I took someone way too literally.

Patron (on the phone): I need to order some tapes.

Me: Okay, what would you like to order?

Patron: The author’s last name is Stone; first name Loretta.

Me: Okay, and do you know the title?

Patron: Spanish Language.

Me: Alright, let me look that up. [pause] Hmmm…I’m not finding anything. Are you sure of the title?

Patron: No, but it’s a language set.

Me: Okay, I’ll try again with just the author and see what that brings up. [pause] Um, well, I’m still not finding anything fitting your description. Is the author’s name spelled unusually?

Patron: No, not that I know of.

Me: Can you hold on a moment? I’m going to ask someone else.

Patron: Sure.

Me (to coworker): I’m looking for a Spanish language set by Loretta Stone.

Coworker (laughing): You mean Rosetta Stone?

Me (laughing): OHMYGOD, yeah, probably! Jeeze!

Damn you, Loretta, with your language sets!


Cielle said...

Didn't know you'd get to play the telephone game as a grown-up, did you?

Leelu said...

So that's where I was! I knew I wasn't all there this weekend. ;)

Romana1 said...

LOL! Loretta Stone!! Does she have a set for Lursian? ;)

Happy Villain said...

I play it everyday and still I fall victim.

Remember the old days when I'd yell at you to get out of my head, and now I just let you control me. COOL! Now I can blame things on you!

Damn, Loretta and her really great language-learning programs that libraries can't use anymore because she's a greedy bitch! If she has Lursian, you can't have it.